Releasing on 31st July 2023

Orange Pill'd

250Stories. 72 Countries.1Revolution.

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About This Project

The inception of the Orange Pill'd project was fueled by a desire to shed light on the multifaceted nature of the Bitcoin revolution. While the media often focuses on the monetary or political aspects of Bitcoin, the human stories of transformation have remained largely untold.
I started using Bitcoin thanks my country, El Salvador & their adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.
Ann, 30. El Salvador
I lost everything in the 2008 Financial Crisis, I had to declare bankruptcy.
Christopher, 51. United States
I got to know Bitcoin thanks to a relative from Asia who sent me money.
Duko, 20. Argentina
I Orange Pilled my father. He is retired now.
Momota, 33. Japan
I lost my job and was struggling financially. I had no savings left, and then
I discovered Bitcoin.
Max, 33. Phillipines

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About Bailey Jakob

Hey there Bitcoiner!

I am Bailey Jakob - a Bitcoin Enthusiast and founder of Mr. Satoshi, BitByte News, The Bitcoin Legacy Project, and the Orange Pill'd book.

I am 25 years old, Australian-born, have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, and love business and finance. I am a serial entrepreneur, and have founded and owned a number of successful (and some not-so-successful) physical and online businesses since I was 19.

My journey with Bitcoin began in 2015, when I was 17 years old.
Then, in late 2022, when Bitcoin was priced at $17K, I sold an investment property and made the decision to go all in with Bitcoin, so I put 100% of the profits from that into Bitcoin.

That has been the greatest decision I have made in life.

I feel a deep obligation to do my part in orange-pilling the world, and my various Bitcoin businesses & projects are all centred around this mission.

Pre-order & win a share in $3,000 USD
(10.26M Sats)

3 people who pre-order any copy of Orange Pill'd before July 31,
will each win $1,000 (3.42M Sats).

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